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If you have been accused of a crime- our New Hampshire criminal defense lawyers are available to answer your questions and handle your case.We work with attorneys and law firms in New Hampshire experienced in Criminal Matters. We will help you find a lawyer. Contact us on our site using our secure case submission sheet or call 1-800-934-2921. All email and calls are private and confidential.

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White collar crimes
White Collar Crimes>>
Federal Investigations
credit card fraud
mail and wire fraud
insurance fraud
real estate and investment advisory fraud
pension, workers' compensation fraud
stock market irregularities and RICO

Drug Cases
Drug Cases >>
possession, sale and drug trafficking.
civil forfeiture issues

Domestic violence>>
Temporary Restraining Orders

DWI Cases
Motor Vehicle Cases >>
drunk driving
Habitual Offender Status
speeding tickets
suspended license

Violent Major Crimes
Violent Major Crimes>>
sex crimes
armed robbery

Other Crimes >>
breach of peace (fights)
weapons-firearms cases

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